Sliding Panels

Designer Treatments for Windows

With our sliding panels, you can achieve the look of elegance and sophistication without breaking the bank. What's more luxurious than a window treatment that glides effortlessly on tracks?
Sliding panels are an excellent contemporary alternative to traditional vertical blinds. With our sliding panels, you can make your windows go from opaque to transparent with ease. Sliding panels are simple, clean, and uniform in appearance. They glide perfectly on tracks and are best for large windows or sliding patio doors. And not only do they make it easy to control how much light comes into your home—but they also look great!
We offer a variety of styles of sliding panels to suit your needs and your personal taste. We have them available in numerous fabrics, solar screens, and woven wood materials—all of which will coordinate perfectly with any décor style or aesthetic, as well as other window coverings in the room. Sliding panels are also an elegant solution for large-scale windows, sliding patio doors, room dividers, and closet doors.
When you're looking for window treatments with a modern, streamlined aesthetic and seamless functionality, there's no substitute for the elegance of our custom sliding panels.


Key details of sliding panels:● Sliding panels are an elegant and contemporary alternative to traditional vertical blinds.● Our sliding panels glide effortlessly on a wheel carrier track offering simplistic use.● Sliding panels are simple, clean and have a uniform appearance while still adding dimension and drama to any room.● They work best on large windows and sliding/patio doors and can also be used as a ceiling-mounted room divider.● Our sliding panels come in a variety of styles to create the perfect look in any room. They perfectly combine functional beauty and linear height, creating the illusion of taller ceilings.● Sliding panels are available in many fabrics, solar screens and woven wood materials. They can easily coordinate with any room's aesthetic and other window coverings.

Design Tip:● Pair your sliding panels with a matching valance or other top treatment for a finished, cohesive look.Safety Tip:● Opt for a wand control for your sliding panels to ensure the safety of children and pets in your home.