Vertical Blinds

Designer Treatments for Windows

Vertical blinds are a sophisticated, elegant solution for controlling light and privacy in your home. With a wide range of colours, materials and styles, our vertical blinds will help you create the perfect look for your windows and patio doors.
Large windows and patio doors can be a problem when it comes to light control. That's where our vertical blinds come in! Our vertical blinds are durable and offer ease of operation, making them an ideal solution for reliable light control on your wide windows and patio doors.
Vertical blinds provide elegance, sophistication, drama and dimension to any room. Our custom vertical blinds are available in various textures, including fabric, vinyl, and sheer. Vertical blinds provide the opportunity to pull together spaces with matching tones and fabrics or allow you to make a bold colour statement in your home. Choose from three different vinyl and fabric vane styles. Both vinyl options are durable and cost-effective, while the fabric vanes add a touch of sophistication.
Get the light control you want without sacrificing your style. If you are ready to add elegance, sophistication, and dimension to your home, vertical blinds are the perfect solution.


Key details of verticle blinds:● Vertical blinds are available in sheer, light-altering, and room-darkening fabric. Our room-darkening fabric gives you privacy while keeping a gentle, elegant look. ● Vertical Blinds are perfect for people who love the look of traditional drapery but want a more affordable and easy-to-maintain alternative.● Traditional vinyl vertical blinds are available in s-shaped and crown vane styles to create the perfect look for any room. ● They are the perfect option for those looking for a window treatment solution with a wide variety of colours and patterns that complement their interior.● Sheer vertical blinds combine the gentle light-diffusing effect of drapes paired with easy-to-manage light control and privacy. ● Vinyl vanes draped in a sheer fabric allow softly diffused light to shine through when open, and because they are sheer, they allow scenic views to show through even when closed.● They are a delicate solution for those who want their window treatments to remain subtle and softly blend in with their interior decor. 

Design Tip:● Vertical blinds are available in many colours and materials, so it is easy to match the decor of any room in your home.Safety Tip:● With one-touch wand control, your vertical blinds will be safe to use by anyone in your home.