Sheer Shades

Designer Treatments for Windows

Sheer shades offer a way to bring privacy and serenity to a room's window treatments without sacrificing light or style. Sheer Shades are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home and give you the best of both worlds when it comes to light control.

Sheer shades combine soft fabric shades' gentle, light filtering attributes with the reliable light control and functionality of conventional blinds. They're made of two layers of light sheer fabric that visually disappear when raised, creating a clean and modern look for your home. With Sheer shades, you can easily go from sheer and clear to private and serene in seconds—and now they're available in more exclusive, digitally printed patterns and textures than ever before.

Sheer Shades are perfect for any area of a home, large or small. Whether you want to add privacy to a single room or cover an entire wall, Sheer Shades will help you make any space your own. And because they provide protection from damaging UV rays while still letting in natural light, they're ideal for protecting furniture and flooring and artwork from damage or fading—so your investment stays protected.

With our sheer shades, you can create a look you will love at an affordable price point!


Key details of sheer shades:● Available in exclusive, digitally printed fabrics in on-trend colours and textures.● Our sheer shades offer increased privacy at all angles when closed, as well as a reduced light gap.● ​Available in a variety of different vane sizes, and opacities, for all your needs.● 100% woven, glue-free construction. Unsightly glued seams can yellow over time.​● Thoughtful finishing touches for a sleek, upgraded look.● Sheer material is expertly woven as one continuous piece of fabric with no visible seams, stitches, or adhesives.● Sheer shades (or "soft blinds") feel like fabric shades but function like aluminum or vinyl blind counterparts.● When closed, the shade disappears into a sleek, fabric-wrapped cassette for a sophisticated, finished look.● The two layers of sheer fabric protect furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays.

Design Tip:● Sheer shades are fully customizable with different opacity options, elegant colours and delicate sheer fabrics.● The many styles and colour options make it easy to match your decor.
Safety Tip:● A motorized lift offers a safer alternative to cords with easy operation at the touch of a button.