Woven Shades

Designer Treatments for Windows

With our natural shades, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home. For a look that's as natural as it is elegant, you can't go wrong with woven shades.
Natural shades are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Our woven shades are made from materials like bamboo, jute and grasses. They offer durability, sustainability, and an aesthetic that will delight you for years. Woven shades are safe to have around children and pets and are made from organic materials that are kind to the environment. We have a wide selection of woven wood shades that provide an airy, earthy, modern feel to your home.
Natural shades have an asymmetric patterning that's part of what makes them so unique. It's also what makes them so beautiful—the natural variations in the materials can't be replicated by machines in any other way than by hand-selecting quality products. 
Whether your home features travel-inspired design, rustic charm, or a modern appeal, woven shades are a perfect way to bring natural beauty to your home and add a little luxury to your windows. Custom woven shades are the perfect choice for any home. Whether you're seeking a natural aesthetic, an earthy feel in your living room, or something modern and sophisticated for your family room, woven wood shades are the way to go.


Key details of woven shades:● Woven shades are handmade from high-quality renewable materials—such as jute, grasses and bamboo—bringing textural interest to every room.● Natural elements provide a trend-right, one-of-a-kind look that is sure to complement any decor.● Our finely crafted designer fabrics provide a sophisticated appearance to your home.● Woven shades have a neutral-to-the-street liner which offers a clean aesthetic from the outside.● Our new cordless system ensures smooth functionality and reduces the light gap.● Each of our natural fabrics is expertly handwoven and thoroughly tested to ensure it will withstand heat and humidity.● Woven shades provide a modern, high-end look for wide windows and patio doors.● They complement your interior with our spectrum of on-trend colours.

Design Tip:● When you pair woven shades with curtains or drapes in coordinating fabrics or textures, it is effortless to achieve a high-end look.Safety Tip:● Woven shades are available with a cordless lift system to ensure the safety of children in your home.