Commercial Motorized Blinds & Shades

Designer Treatments for Windows

With our motorized shades and blinds, you'll get the benefits of motorization with all the ease and quiet of cordless control.
At The Blinds Collective Design Studio, we believe in giving you the freedom to move your shades with ease. Our motorized options can lift and lower your shades and move them to a favourite saved position—all with the push of a button or swipe of your finger on an app.
With lengths available for every window: 24", 36", 48", and 84" and power options including a plug-in transformer (with battery back-up), rechargeable battery pack with three-year battery life (on average), reloadable battery case with either AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries, there's no reason not to try one out today!


Ease of Use● Motorization makes operation a breeze for hard-to-reach and wide window treatments, perfect for offices.● ​We offer motorized control options to fit various businesses, including wall switches, remote controls, and timers.● Motorized shades or blinds are a perfect addition to your current automation systems.● The system is easy to install and requires no hard wiring but can be hardwired for extra convenience.● Our motorized track provides a vast range of control options for window treatments.

Energy Efficiency● Motorized window treatments can help lower your energy bills by adopting automated systems that help improve your business's energy efficiency.​● Our motorized window treatments can be programmed to control interior heat gain and loss—​​​​they can be set to raise and lower at optimal times of the day, depending on the season, to accomplish both of those goals.
Privacy and Safety● Our motorized shades are certified Best for Kids™—they are the safest choice because motorization eliminates cords, which can be potential safety hazards for children and pets.● For added security, you can use automatic timers to lower window treatments at night or while you are away from your business.
Style​● Motorization has become the latest trend in automation; it's perfect for the tech-savvy.● Our motorization system is unintrusive, and it offers smooth and quiet operation.● Our motorization system eliminates cords, allowing you to focus on the beauty and simplicity of the ​blinds or shades.