Cellular Shades

Designer Treatments for Windows

You deserve a home that is as stylish and sophisticated as you are. That's why we offer cellular shades, one of the best window treatments in the industry. Cellular shades are for you if you dream of a home that's warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Cellular shades have been available for a long time, but they're still one of the most effective ways to insulate your home and keep it comfortable year-round. Because they trap air pockets within the fabric in a honeycomb structure, cellular shades insulate your home from cold and heat while offering excellent soundproofing and sound absorption—especially if you have hardwood floors in your space. Our cellular shades are also incredibly lightweight, allowing them to be easily installed on high windows without heavy lifting equipment! 
Cellular shades also come in various shapes, sizes, and opacities, so our design experts can customize them to fit any window perfectly. From standard options to specialty shapes like arches or half-circles for bay windows, we can help you create a custom solution that fits the needs of your space—and make it look amazing. When you're looking for window treatments that offer elegant style and energy efficiency—look no further than cellular shades.


Key details of cellular shades:● Cellular shades are available in blackout fabrics for more privacy, better movie nights, and better sleep.​● Unsurpassed insulation—​our cellular shades ​​are equal to or more energy-efficient than the competition​.​● On-trend colours, textures, and patterns will complement any living space.● ​Multiple cell sizes are available—perfect for any size of windows.● Patented cell structure designs to prevent shades from sagging over time, increasing their longevity.● Soft, lofty spun lace fabric offers excellent sound absorption, especially in rooms with hard flooring or brick surfaces.● Colour coordination of light-filtering and blackout​ fabrics unifies a home's design.● Cellular shades can combine two fabrics for versatility in style, light control, and privacy.​ Add room-darkening side channels or a light blocking strip for added light control.​​● Available with hands-free operation to add convenience and simplicity

Design Tip:● Cellular shades can be paired with drapery, making the perfect backdrop for your curtains to pop.● They are available in many premium fabrics, making finding the perfect fit for any room effortless.
Safety Tip:● Cellular shades have cordless and motorized lift options for added safety if you have children or pets.