Pleated Shades

Designer Treatments for Windows

There is nothing more luxurious than our crisp, tailored pleated shade. Whether you are looking for a modern look for your space or something more classic and simple, you can find a pleated shade that fits the bill. Whether you're looking to add more elegance to your home or office space or just want to provide more privacy for your family, we have the right solution!

Pleated shades are made with crisply folded fabric. They offer a modern and sharp tailored look to your windows. They are easy to operate, easy to install, and easy on the budget. Pleated shades provide an air of modern sophistication while maintaining traditional shades' comfort and ease. These window treatments allow you to let in the light while maintaining privacy and security.

Our wide variety of beautiful fabrics allows us to offer rich hues as well as subtle neutrals. We can also match any colour from our extensive range of drapery and upholstery options. We have an extensive selection of fabrics available for our custom pleated shades, including cotton, silk, linen and more! We also offer an array of textures, such as twill, damask and lace.

Looking for a way to dress up your windows? Our custom pleated shades are the answer.


Key details of pleated shades:● Pleated shades offer excellent light-filtering, allowing soft sunlight to diffuse through the fabric and illuminate your room while reducing glare and offering privacy.● Pleated shades can be constructed with no pinholes in the slats, giving you maximum privacy and keeping out more light during the day while still providing optimal insulation.● Pleated shades are a cost-effective way to dress up any room. They are constructed with one-layer fabric allowing for less stacking, which is a perfect feature for taller windows.● When pleated shades are pulled up, they stack entirely, giving a full view of the outdoors. They are functional and practical and will give your home a clean look.

Design Tip:● Pleated shades come in many different styles, fabrics and colours to match your personal home decor and style.
Safety Tip:● Pleated shades are available in cordless and motorized lift options for added safety.