Residential Window Coverings in Regina

Cellular Window Shades


Our newest innovation in window shades, cellular shades, are the first smart window shades that adapt to your everyday needs. They regulate temperature and save energy year-round by cooling your home in summer and warming it in winter. Made with a honeycomb structure, these super-light shades are an easy way to add style to your space.

Pleated Window Shades


Pleated Shades are a dazzling and functional window treatment that adds function and style to any room. Enjoy both light control and room darkening with pleated shades. They come in various fabrics including subtle textures, vibrant patterns and neutral solid colours. Suitable for any room, they're a classic window treatment that will never go out of style.

Sheer Window Shades


Sheer Shades have a mellow, sophisticated feel that works with any decor. Whether you’re looking for a window treatment with a traditional or modern flair, or an elegant window treatment that provides some extra privacy, sheer shades offer an innovative design in both fabric and construction. With their delicate fabric, these are sure to please. 

Layered Window Shades


The ultimate in flexibility, layered shades offer the best of both worlds. Stripes of sheer fabric are parallel to woven solid fabric that moves easily. When opened or closed, the layers elegantly shift to provide light filtering or light-blocking. The sheer fabric protects furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, while the solid fabric stripes filter or block the light.

Roller Window Shades


Roller Shades provide control over light and privacy, keeping rooms comfortable year-round. Available in a wide array of colours and textures, roller shades are a stylish twist on the basic shade. Roller shades provide UV protection and add charm & character to your window treatments, giving your home an inviting look and feel.

Solar Window Shades


Our Solar Shades are engineered to filter light into the room while minimizing glare and UV rays. The unique fabrics also allow a view of the outside while maintaining your privacy. As fashionable as they are functional, solar shades are available in various trend-right fabrics and openness levels so you can customize your look and compliment your style.

Woven Window Shades


With woven shades, you'll have a perfect look for any space. They will add a touch of natural beauty to your home or office decor. Our woven shades are made up of natural bamboos and jute, giving them an authentic feel. The woven texture gives these shades a sense of luxury and character and offers privacy to any space.

Sliding Window Panels


Sliding panels are a clever solution for large-scale windows, patio doors, room dividers and closet doors. They provide coverage from sun exposure and decorative appeal for any room in your home. Sliding panel options include premium quality fabrics and a variety of colours to match any decor style.

Vertical Window Panels


Bring drama to your space with vertical panels. Whether for a window or patio door, these panels bring dimension and character to any space. Verticle panels in a variety of colours and styles. You'll be sure to find a panel that matches your décor. Vertical panels are the perfect way to make a statement in your home.

Roman Window Shades


Roman shades offer a softer look than curtains and can surround you with a cocoon of comfort. Our Roman shades combine the softness of fabric folds with a convenient operating system, offering the best of both worlds. Roman shades are available in many sumptuous fabrics, colours, folds and opacities to suit your style.

Window Drapes


Our product line covers all aspects of window decor. Drapes are the perfect addition to any window, filling your space with colour and style. Choose from different styles of drapes, from sheer to blackout, with various options for width and length. Completely customizable products to express yourself through your windows.

Window Curtains


Our curtains are an artful addition to any window. From top treatments to fabric and prints, our customization service allows us to create beautifully tailored curtains for your home. The sheer beauty of these curtains is sure to enhance your décor. Add the finishing touches to your window with our selection of curtains.