The Top 4 Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Saskatchewan Homes

The Top 4 Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Saskatchewan Homes

You may not realize it, but energy efficiency is an important thing to consider when shopping for new window treatments. The right energy-efficient window coverings can regulate temperatures in your home, protect your home from harsh UV rays and save you money on your energy bill! Shopping for the perfect window treatments can be a challenge. If you don't know where to begin, the experts at The Blinds Collective Design Studio are here to help! Our team has compiled a list of the top 4 most energy-efficient window treatments for Saskatchewan homes! In this blog, you will find our top four recommendations, and we will explain why energy efficiency is important when selecting new window treatments. Read on to learn more!

What Are Energy-Efficient Window Treatments?

Did you know about 30% of your home's heating and cooling energy escapes through your windows? If your home is older, that percentage increases to almost 40%! Going off these percentages, almost half of what you spend on your energy bill is wasted! With the rising costs of energy, you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth. This is where energy-efficient window treatments come in! The right window treatments can provide extra insulation for your windows and light control that will help maintain your home's temperature and keep your home's heating and cooling energy in your home where it belongs. Choosing the right energy-efficient window treatments can save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs. 

What to Look for in Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Certain window treatments' unique designs are incredible at controlling temperatures in your home. When choosing energy-efficient window treatments for your home, there are two main things to consider: light control and insulation.

Insulation: Insulation is especially important during the harsh Saskatchewan winters. It is easy for the warm air in your home to escape through your windows and cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Insulated window coverings can help prevent this. Insulated window coverings are designed to keep warm or cool in your home (depending on the season) where it belongs.

Light control: Light control is generally more necessary in the hot and sunny Saskatchewan summers. UV rays can cause the temperature in your home to rise, making it harder to keep it cool inside. The right energy-efficient window treatments will reflect sunlight (and prevent cool air from escaping your windows), keeping the indoor temperature of your home down.

The Top Four Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Most window covering will provide some degree of insulation or light control. But not all window treatments are created equal, and some are designed to be energy efficient. Let's get into our list of the top 4 most energy-efficient window treatments!

Roman Shades

Roman shades are some of the most elegant window treatments available for your home. They have soft, draping folds, and are a beautiful and timeless choice for any room in your home. Roman shades are energy efficient because of their thick fabric and folds. They fit perfectly within window casings, meaning they give your windows more coverage when they are lowered. Their heavy, pleated fabric also provides an excellent layer of insulation to your windows. This is especially beneficial in the winter because they keep warm air from escaping your home. When you install roman shades in your home, you will see your energy costs go down over time.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are some of the most unique window coverings available. Cellular shades are made of pleated materials and the structured in a series of "cells" that resemble honeycombs. These honeycomb cells are what make cellular shades energy efficient. The cells are designed to trap air and provide insulation. In the winter, cellular shades can help reduce heat loss by as much as 40%! In summer, cellular shades can help reduce heat by as much as 60% when closed. Aside from the structural genius of cellular shades, they can also be customized for your home. Cellular shades can be made to fit window shapes like arches and doors, which are often difficult to find window coverings for. Installing cellular shades in your home can be instrumental in improving your home's energy efficiency.

Curtains and Draperies

Curtains and draperies will never go out of style. They are timeless and elegant and can add dimension, character and luxury to any room in your home. Most people probably don't think of drapes and curtains as being energy efficient, but they can be! The energy efficiency of draperies and curtains depends on various factors like the fabric used, the colours chosen, and the coverage they provide your windows. Because they cover more of the window than other window coverings, they help keep more hot or cool air in or out. Thick fabrics provide more insulation, and medium to dark colours absorb light, increasing your home's energy efficiency! For more insulation, you add a backing layer to your curtains or draperies. Adding a backing to your curtains or drapes can help reduce heat gains during the summer by up to 30% and can help reduce heat loss in the winter by up to 10%! Curtains and drapes are not just a beautiful addition to any room; they can also save you money on energy costs. 

Solar Shades

Solar shades are perfect for homeowners who love natural light. Solar shades are similar to roller shades but are made with an innovative material that offers great light control while still allowing an outside view. Solar shades are available in different opacities, which determines their energy efficiency. The higher the opacity, the more light is blocked and the more energy efficient they become. The fabric helps blocks UV rays and harmful light that enters your home through the windows. This not only protects your furniture and other belongings, but it also helps to keep temperatures in your home down. They can also be paired with other window treatments like curtains or drapes to increase the amount of heat they keep in during the winter. Solar shades are the most effective in rooms that have large windows. Solar shades are the perfect way to save money on your energy bill and still get a beautiful view of the outdoors.

The Blinds Collective Design Studio Can Help You Select the Perfect Window Treatments

We know finding the perfect window coverings for your home can be overwhelming; that's why we are here to help! At The Blinds Collective Design Studio, we can help you find the perfect energy-efficient window treatments for any room in your home! Led by an experienced interior designer, we are committed to providing each of our customers with expert care and attention to ensure they find exactly what they are looking for. If you need new window treatments for your home or business, contact us today! We can help you drape your windows in luxury.